Ways an Accountant Can Streamline Small Business Bookkeeping

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One of the biggest inconveniences a small business owner may have to deal with is business accounting. A business that has employees, numerous overhead expenses, and a variety of customer payment options will have to spend a lot of time figuring out accounting issues. Rather than add several hours to your work week with various accounting needs and issues, you may want to consider streamlining that side of your business with an accountant. There are three major ways this can save you time and money.

Have All Sales and Services Categorized and Tracked

Accounts are able to process all of your business transactions. All you will have to do is provide access to business accounts, as well as have access to customer purchase transactions. Accountants will categorize different products and report how they are selling, as well as help you determine which products may not be worth carrying anymore due to lack of customer interest. Through software on your register or online credit card processing software, your accountant can gather all information needed to track profits, costs, and other important items.

Have the Payroll Process Be Flawless

One of the struggles many small businesses have is getting employees paid on time. They may also struggle with maintaining and keeping up with payroll taxes. By handing these documents over to an accountant, you can get your employees paid via check or direct deposit on time. Not only that, your accountant will help you stay on track by helping you pay payroll taxes on a regular basis. This is not only a good way to keep up on payroll taxes, but your accountant will make sure you don't pay too much or too little. This will prevent issues with the IRS for both you and your employees.

Get Tax Benefits and Accurate Tax Filings

Aside from payroll taxes, filing quarterly and annual tax returns can be a huge responsibility. Many small businesses get behind on this responsibility and can find themselves in trouble with the IRS. This can mean paying fines and penalties as well as tax liens. An accountant will not only track all of your finances throughout the year and keep them organized so taxes are simple to file, but they will also make sure all of your taxes are filed on time. They will also help you make business decisions that will maximize your tax deductions. They can help you do things like track your business travel mileage and help you determine if buying a car for your business is best for your tax situation.

When you have someone taking care of the financial end of things, you can focus on promoting and growing your company. With small business bookkeeping services, such as COR Bookkeeping and Business Consulting, you'll have a clearer idea of where you can grow as a company and where you might be able to improve. Those things alone make it well-worth the investment in professional accounting services.